About Stephen Cito 

Stephen Cito was one of 5 children born to Italian immigrant parents in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His mother and father, who spoke little English and had little money or education, instilled in Stephen that life was not easy, that he lacked intelligence, would never be successful and would have to fight to survive – literally.

 At school, teachers described Stephen as “distracted” and having difficultly learning. Held back a grade in school at an early age, his self-esteem diminished. His home environment, lacking in love and affection, was manifesting in his young life. He became angry and aggressive and learned to use his fists to settle disputes and get respect in the schoolyard. By the age of 12, Stephen’s aggressive behavior landed him in trouble at school and with the law.

 Then he STOPPED!

 A realization hit him – like an ‘awakening’! He came to the profound understanding that he could be any one he chose to be. This was a TURNING POINT in Stephen’s life. He chose to achieve rather than destroy.

 He developed an interest in music and tried out for lead percussionist in grade 11 and got the role, reveling in his newfound talent.

 When he completed high school, he knew what he wanted to do next. But Stephen’s career choice of hair stylist was a disappointment to his father who compared it to that of his grandfather - an unsuccessful barber in Italy. 

 Stephen persisted and before long, at the age of 19, he was managing a salon full time. Following his dreams, he relocated to a prestigious downtown Toronto salon on Yorkville Avenue. Five  years later, he opened a larger salon with 18 employees and complete aesthetic services. He was successful and in demand.

 Stephen was Artistic Director at the Guild of Hair Design – an elite hairdresser association from 1996 -1997 and was a top 1% Achiever for Premier Salons – a multi-million dollar company with over 500 salons in Canada and the United States for 3 consecutive years, 2004 - 2006. He was also selected as 1 of 5 stylists to be an educator in Canada and the United States for Artec International – a leading hair care product manufacturing company.

 Stephen has volunteered as a supporter and mentor for the December 6th Fund, an organization for abused women and children. He is also a volunteer and mentor at Choices Youth Shelter in Orangeville.

 Stephen Cito experienced his second “awakening” on December 7, 2006 receiving a calling to inspire others to live their life fully and authentically from the truth that we are all wonderful, beautiful human beings, can all have the power to be who we want to be, and achieve unlimited possibilities.

 Today Stephen enjoys loving, relationships with his parents, family and close friends. He has no enemies and lives life without anger, fear or resentment.